Negotiating the Purchase

When you have selected the house you want to buy, your next step is to submit a signed real estate offer to purchase. We will take you through a step-by-step process in order to prepare your real estate offer:

  • You know the seller’s asking price, but your buyer’s agent will assist you in determining what the home is really worth by researching comparables and market statistics.
  • Decide how much earnest money to offer. Your earnest money is usually held by the listing company until the sale is closed or the contract is broker. When the sale is closed, it is applied to the down payment or closing costs. But, if you fail to buy the house after the seller has accepted your offer, the seller has the right to keep this earnest money.
  • Specify your desired closing date and possession date. Allow yourself enough time to obtain financing.
  • Determine which items you may want to negotiate in the price you are offering. Items the seller may not necessarily be leaving behind may include any of the following: appliances, light fixtures, chandeliers, gas logs, fireplace tools, window coverings and swing sets.

We will present the offer to the seller’s agent. The seller will either accept, reject, or counter your offer with changes in the terms. If the seller submits a counteroffer, you may either sign it as acceptance of the agreement, make another counteroffer, or withdraw your offer.

When both the seller and buyer agree to the terms and sign the document, it becomes a valid contract.